Testimonials from the community

“I have attended Camp STARR two times, and both times I had a wonderful time learning new things and meeting new people. I think that our time a Camp STARR has allowed us to expand our minds and to discuss far more than normal about race relations”

Davon, Camp STARR Participant

“I was amazed at seeing the transformation my students went through during and after the High School Retreat. I found great potential in each and every one of the participants and hidden talents brought out to the front from every student of mine. They showed and lived the meaning of real unity in diversity and how we are one global family in the learning and working community.”

Educator, Lincoln West High School

“I applaud what the Diversity Center does and all it stands for, I am taking a course on multiculturalism for counselors at Kent State and have become even more sensitized for the need for what you do. The Center is on the cutting edge of inclusivity, appreciation and understanding for all people and cultures.”

Marylin Wise, Recommendation on Facebook

“I don’t understand how you do it. The work you all put in to make our community better is amazing. You are all wonderful people, and you have impacted my life greatly. Even though I met you through my mission to spread tolerance, you all inspired me to do more. Not only did you make me want to get more involved, you gave me three different opportunities to do so. The High School Retreat at Camp Wise was great! I was so honored to be the keynote speaker at your annual event, and I am so glad it went well. Thank you.”

Justin Bachman, Student at Solon High School & Public Speaker

“The event was outstanding and I see a great partnership between our two organizations forming! The kids loved it, as did I. I was very impressed with the entire program, the food was top notch as well. And for one of my students to be honored as Diversity Champion really made me feel great.”

Shane Parker, Educator at Akros Middle School
Youth Leadership Luncheon

“Thank you so much for having us at the Leadership Luncheon last Friday.  The students and I really enjoyed ourselves.  It was a really special event and it meant a lot for us to be there.  Well done!”

Kelsey Whitacre, Educator at Independence High School
Youth Leadership Luncheon


Read testimonials from students who have participated in our camps, conferences, and retreats!

“Loved  this camp! I am totally coming back next year and I wish more people  could have this experience.”

“Because of this experience I  learned what an ally is, and that I am one.  I  also learned  that I have great leadership skills.”

“I had so much fun! This  was a once in a lifetime opportunity  that has left  an imprint on my mind and has changed my life forever.  I would love to thank all of you, for all the work you do!”

“I will be a friend to someone being bullied and stand up for LGBT kids and teens.”

“Because of this experience I now think differently about people who happen to be gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, etc.  I accept  them more and I am more sensitive about their feelings.”

“I am happy  that I was able to come here today.  I experienced a lot of new things. I also got to meet a lot of intelligent new people. Thank you for giving me the honor of coming here today.”