Spring High School Conference

High School Conference 

John Carroll University 
Dolan Science Center – 1 John Carroll Blvd, University Heights, OH 44118

The Spring High School Conference brings together groups of students from schools all over Northeast Ohio. Schools are invited to bring up to 8 students and 2 educators. Once present students are separated into groups that offer them the opportunity to interact with students from other backgrounds, regions, and schools to participate in a series of small workshops on diversity. Additionally educators are also provided with diversity training and education in our special educator workshops that can be used in their schools and communities. 

At this year’s conference entitled, “Social Justice: Youth Voices and Social Change,” students will engage in dialogues that will give them the ability to recognize the importance and impact of their voices. From educating themselves on the history of current issues affecting our society, to gaining critical skills that can help them usher in positive change across communities, the students will learn how to harness the power of their voices. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in exercises that focus on trust-building, effective communication, problem solving, and project management. 

Students will leave Spring Conference with the courage to speak out for themselves and others, and the skills necessary to combat injustices and foster communities which everyone is connected respected and valued. 


As part of the Middle and High School Conference, The Diversity Center is asking advisors to nominate one student from their school who exemplifies leadership in the field of diversity and inclusion. 

One middle and one high school student will be awarded a $100 gift card. 


For more information, contact Cierra Hilson at 216-752-3000 ext. 222 or chilson@diversitycenterneo.org