Diversity Through the Arts

The Diversity Center’s Diversity Through the Arts education program integrates music, visual, theatrical, and English language arts with lessons focused on inclusiveness, tolerance, race relations, and communication skills.

Arts-centered diversity education facilitates students’ academic achievement in the following ways:

  • Creates appreciation for cultural, historical, and political roots of students own identities and examines the complex intersections of race, gender, class, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, ability, and age that compromise of the American society
  • Aids in the learning outcomes of all students across multiple subject platforms to include English language arts, history, math, and science
  • Enhances social emotional learning environments that support academic achievement
  • Develops critical thinking skills by providing students with activities that will enhance their imagination, intuition, reasoning, and evaluation skills, as well as contributes to achieving perspective, constructive, and discerning relationships, while gaining self-awareness
  • Develops skills to differentiate between looking at the surface of the arts and seeing beneath the surface to discover meaning and values in different cultures, races, and social groups

Choose two of the following programs :

  • Diversity 101 through Music
  • Gender and Music
  • Diversity 101 through Visual Arts
  • Gender and Visual Arts
  • Diversity 101 through Language Arts
  • Diversity 101 through Theater Arts

Click Here to learn more about how Diversity Through the Arts aligns with Ohio State Learning Standards

For more information or to learn about pricing and scheduling please contact Programs at programs@diversitycenterneo.org