Fall High School Retreat

“The Cost of Justice: An Evaluation of Money in America”
Thursday, October 6 – Saturday October 8, 2016
Camp Wise, 13164 Taylor Wells Rd. Chardon, OH 44024

The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio’s Annual Fall High School Retreat is a unique three-day opportunity for students and educators of all backgrounds, from all edges of Northeast Ohio, to come together to explore topics of social justice and diversity.

For years, the distribution of wealth in America has held disparities. It is rooted in how our country was founded and built. Systemic racism and a well-defined class system has shaped the definition of socioeconomic status in America. The effects of the system are seen today as we look at socioeconomics, the accessibility to education, and health care.

This year, The Diversity Center has partnered with a number of banks who are supporting this programming that will focus on the socioeconomic impact on poverty, generational poverty, and decision-making skills. Through our programming, we strive to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of students, providing the tools to become educated in financial decisions. Follow-up conversations can run the spectrum from the cost of building America using slave labor, to the current school -to- prison pipeline and the extreme profit in America from private prisons. Please join us in our efforts to educate and impact the community.

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For more information email programs@diversitycenterneo.org