YouLEAD is an on site middle and high school program in which a core group of students engage with peers to raise awareness of diversity issues, build leadership skills, and create inclusive environments.

Each session is designed to help students explore self-awareness, collaboration, and social responsibility through the lens of diversity leadership. YouLEAD is designed as an in school program, but can be modified for delivery during after school hours, or for other student-serving organizations and events.

Core Values of YouLead:


YouLEAD members explore…

  • Conflict Management
  • Personal Leadership Style
  • Collaboration


YouLEAD members lead…

  • Anti-Bullying Campaigns
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Community Conversations


YouLEAD members learn….

  • Concepts of Social Justice
  • The Impact of The ‘Isms’
  • Intersections of Identity


YouLEAD members are…

  • Change Agents
  • Diversity Leaders
  • Globally-Minded

Goal: Through the YouLEAD Program your students will become trained Peer Facilitators.  As mentors, they can then be trained in how to facilitate diversity workshops within your schools, student organizations and clubs. Students who participate in our YouLEAD program use these facilitation and mentorship skills to create inclusive and open environments within their Diversity Clubs, GSA (Gay, Straight Alliance) Groups, Anti-Bullying Clubs, and Student Council Organization.

Program Structure: The Diversity Center’s School & Youth staff facilitates YouLEAD in 4 – 6 sessions; each session is between 60-90 minutes.  The number of students can vary, but has a maximum capacity of 35 students.  Students participate in a series of skill-building workshops and are then prompted to organize opportunities for other students to engage in conversations about diversity.  For example, if students participate in an action planning session, they may begin a poster campaign at their school to bring awareness to the effects of cyberbullying.  Through this model, students have real life opportunities to turn their learning into practice.

Schools Can Select from the Following Youth Workshops

  • Diversity 101: Building Common Language
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Gender[X]
  • Ally Behavior & LGBTQ Inclusion
  • Religious Tolerance & Respect
  • (Dis)Ability
  • Socioeconomic Simulation (SES)
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Cyberbullying
  • Body Image & Stigma
  • Student Leadership- What Kind of Leader Am I?
  • Storytelling & Leadership
  • Student Facilitator Training
  • Customized Curriculum

State Standards: Click Here to learn about how YouLEAD programing aligns with Ohio State Learning Standards.

Note- Our programs are currently aligned to cover the specific Ohio State Standards noted in the link above.  If YouLEAD is facilitated in a specific class, our Programming Specialists can work with the educator to align our programming to the curriculum that is being taught at that time.  The overall goal would be to build connections and support long-term knowledge acquisition by supporting the pacing at each school.  Once a proposal is agreed upon by your district & DCNEO we will supply you with a contract that when signed, program outlines that include the State Standards connections will be forwarded to you.

Community Service Involvement – Optional, but recommended.

DCNEO’s Annual Walk, Rock & Run- held each year at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Science Center.  Your group (including staff, students & their families) can participate in 1 of 2 ways-

#1 Build a team to walk- There is no cost for a team to come & walk in the name of supporting our mission of creating communities where all people are connected, respected, and valued. Some schools even have shirts made for their YouLEAD/Club for this event. If you wish to participate in the 5K, there is a $25 registration fee per participant.

#2 Sign up your team to volunteer- There are many jobs available for all ages and skill levels.

  • All participants will get entrance into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Great Lakes Science Center, and the USS COD free after the event.
    • PARTICIPANTS MUST PICK UP THEIR WRISTBANDS BEFORE 9:30AM on WALK DAY – participants who come after 9:30am to pick up their wristbands will not receive free entry into the museums, no exceptions.
  • School Groups will also receive participation & volunteer certificates that will be mailed to the school after the event.

For more information or for pricing and scheduling please contact us at