Former Honorees

1949 Paul Hoffman
1951 Louis B. Seltzer
1956 John A. Greene
1957 A.M. Luntz
1958 George M. Humphrey
1959 Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver                 
1960 Bob Hope
1961 Dr. John S. Millis
Dr. T. Keith Glennan
1962 Judge Anthony J. Celebrezze 
1963 Hon. Lester B. Pearson
1964 Thomas F. Patton
1966 Maurice Saltzman
1967 Ralph M. Besse
1968 John Cardinal Krol
1969 Francis A. Coy
1970 Thomas Vail
1971 Rev. Billy Graham
1972 Mr. & Mrs. William C. Treuhaft
1973 E. Mandell de Windt
1974 Dr. Paul W. Briggs
1975 Frederick C. Crawford
1976 Hon. Frances P. Bolton
1977 Charles E. Spahr
1978 Herbert E. Strawbridge
1979 Dr. Ruben F. Mettler
1980 Archbishop James A. Hickey
1981 Arthur B. Modell
1982 Alton W. Whitehouse 
1983 Rabbi Armond E. Cohen
1984 Stanley Pace
1985 Robert Ginn
Sam Miller
Dr. Nolen Ellison
1986 Mayor George Voinovich
1987 Allen C. Holmes
1988 Gordon E. Heffern
1989 James H. Ross
BP America
1990 Edward B. Brandon
Sister Mary Marthe Reinhard
1991 Dolly & Steven Minter
1992 Richard W. Pogue
1993 Robert W. Gillespie
1994 Mayor Michael R. White
1995 John Lewis
Congressman Louis Stokes
1996 Dr. Neal Malicky
Jacqueline Woods                         
1997 Dr. Richard A. Boyd
  Robert S. Reitman
1998 David A. & Deborah L. Daberko
David G. Hill
1999 Judge George W. White
David H. Hoag
2000 William B. Summers, Jr.
Jeanette Grasselli Brown
2001 Robert D. Gries
Bishop Anthony M. Pilla
2002 Alexander M. Cutler
2003 Henry L. Meyer III
Jerry Sue Thornton, Ph.D
2004 Carole F. Hoover
Alan D. Rosskamm
2005 A. Malachi Mixon, III
Terri Hamilton Brown
2006 Morry Weiss
Art J. Falco
2007 Christopher M. Connor
Eugene T.W. Sanders, Ph.D.
2008 Governer Ted Strickland
First Lady Frances Strickland
Delos M. Cosgrove, M.D.
Cleveland Clinic
2009 Paul Clark & PNC
Reverend Dr. Otis Moss, Jr.
Edwina Moss
2010 Milton and Tamar Maltz
Barbara R. Snyder
2011 Mayor Frank G. Jackson
Thomas F. Zenty III
2012 Sr. Judith Ann Karam, CSA
William Conway
Charles D. Fowler
2013 Larry Pollock
Thomas W. Adler
Beth E. Mooney
2014 Rick Chiricosta
Jose C. Feliciano


Humanitarian Award Dinner

Since 1949, The Diversity Center has honored men and women of outstanding dedication and community service in our region at the annual Humanitarian Award Dinner. Nominees exhibit an extensive record of involvement in civic, charitable, volunteer, and professional organizations. Each nominee has contributed to the improvement of human relations among diverse groups in Northeast Ohio.

The LeadDIVERSITY Outstanding Alumni Award is also presented to the alumnus who embodies the mission of The Diversity Center. LeadDIVERSITY is a program in which a select group of professionals engage with regional leaders and the greater community to raise their awareness of diversity issues, build their leadership skills, and enhance their networks.


Check back soon for more information about the 62nd Annual Humanitarian Award Dinner





























































































































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